Larry and Type 2 Diabetes

Larry and Type 2 Diabetes

CONTROLING TYPE 2 - A more natural way to control diabetes

I am a type 2 diabetic. 

As I was growing up, I think I was like everyone else, not as active as some, and not as inactive as others. Growing up in a small town in Michigan, I was just a normal, average person. As I was growing up I ate, and drank like everyone else, when I say drink, lots of soda’s, and ate a lot of carbs, as they gave me the energy I needed every day. In those early years of my development, I didn’t think sugaring out was such a bad thing, I was active and probably burned off as much as I took in.

Looking back on my life, I think my so-called real problem started when I was devouring the carbohydrates, and sugars to stay super active, and then in my early 30's I started to slow down and relax more, I didn’t change the foods that fueled my younger years. I was still taking in all the foods for energy that a young person does. But, I wasn’t nearly as active.


My body didn’t know what to do with the volume of carbs being ingested. I’m no doctor, but they say when you over carb your body, your body stores the unused carbs in your fat cells for future energy. And yes, like everyone else I started gaining weight.

I started feeling like I had a better handle on my life, many things started to change, but unfortunately my eating habits didn’t. Years later I learned that the stored fat carbs were overloading my receptors that converted the carbs for my body. "At least that's the way I understand it." By the time I was in my 50.'s I was in overload, my receptors for the insulin I needed started to shut down and didn’t work properly.

So like every person who is brought up thinking doctors have all the answers, don’t get me wrong doctors have their place in fixing the broken parts of our body, but they also say “let’s try this, or if that doesn’t work maybe we'll try that.”

Well I listened, and I tried what they gave me. Within a short period of time I was taking an average of five pills a day to allow me to not change my way of living. 

That's a minimum of five pills a day and using a puncture devise to make sure I was in the right range. Speaking of right range, they say you are in a good range if your blood sugar is 100 or below. Well if my sugar goes to, or below 100, I am literally shaking inside. I am sure they had to set some standard, but everyone is not the same. I personally am at a healthy state when my levels are between 117 and 136.

I was taking over 1825 pills a year, and until I decided to make the change in my life, I had taken over 16,000 pills, just to be able to continue my lifestyle that only added pounds of excess fat to my body.

By the time I came to the knowledge which I want to share with you, I was up to 234 pounds and at 5’7”that’s a lot of extra baggage. I was just like so many others going along eating everything I thought I needed, taking my pills to balance my system out, feeling some of the sharp highs where my mind felt cloudy, a sugar rush, and low’s where my body would shake inside. Always thinking the pills would fix things. The truth is they never did, they just supplemented for the real cure and left me gaining weight and feeling controlled.

I’m saying all this to let you know I am just like you, no matter who you are, or where you live. If you have an imbalance of sugar (Carbohydrates) in your body, and need to take medication to keep it in check, we were the same.

I say were, because just a short while ago (5years), my daughter Taniya came to me and said, “Dad you can change your situation, and stop using the medications to balance your life.” I must say I was a somewhat unbelieving father. I’ve been taking pills for years and thousands of them, and now she tells me there is a way to stop and still be healthy. Needless to say I was skeptical, but to satisfy my daughter and my curiosity, I decided to look into what she was saying.

A side note;

If, you are a young person, under 30, or know of someone who is, please encourage them to make sure they burn off those carbs, or eat less of them. If carbs (sugars) are controlled early, a person would have all the energy every day, without the potential diabetes health issue.

The strangest part of all of this is, I am a positive attitude person, I teach living a positive, happy lifestyle, and I had let my upbringing guide me to seek medical help, without looking for a more positive answer. With the positive encouragement of my daughter, I wanted to find a way to change my present life for the better.

Again, I am so grateful for my daughter’s Sharla, and Taniya, and my wife Kathy. When we found the solution to my dilemma, they were 100% ready to help.

As positive as I am about life, I needed help, and that’s what I am offering you.

Once I was given a way to change my life for the better, no lows or highs, just increased energy and a positive lifestyle, it was up to me to decide. 

Ask yourself, am I happy and content living the lifestyle I am living now? If yes then great! If you are not, what would you change? And more importantly, are you willing to make the change? You can see what a change can do, you can want to change, but you must be willing to change!

To overcome your total medical dependency, it takes not only a positive attitude about change, but it takes change itself. As I say iand know, we are the only creature who can mentally make a choice to change, and complete the change in our life.” We need to remember we are a culmination of all our thoughts, and are responsible for all the choices we have made, until this very day.

By the way, today 10-10-22, I feel healthy and weigh 163 lbs.

Just saying,

Larry E Roussel

“To Be Happy is to Think Positively, Confidently and Optimistically.”

Are you ready to learn to think positively and change your life? Send me a message and start your positivity journey!