About Larry Edward Roussel

About Larry Edward Roussel

Hi, my name is Larry Edward Roussel,

I am a Toastmaster, speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, rainmaker, and mentor.

I have spent years under the coaching of my mentor Russ Algor. Also, learning from Zig Ziglar, Paul Harvey, Earl Nightingale and, many other positive teachers and writers. I have an extensive background in sales, and education, developing and teaching motivational presentations worldwide.

This site was established to bring people from around the world together. Helping them understand the extreme importance of developing their positive attitudes about their life.

Offering a plan of action, to discover different and successful ways to reach their objectives. I truly understand the importance of turning negatives into positives, turning problems into “situations,” and with all situations, there is always a positive solution.

I am fulfilling a life dream, of offering, and helping others find their path to happiness, contentment, and success, in this life.

As a type 2 diabetic, I also, have a passion to help as many as I can understand there is a better, healthier lifestyle. Controlling their medication instead of the medication controlling them.

Helping others learning to be more positive about their life.

With a positive attitude, everything is possible!

Larry E Roussel
Author/Writer - Rainmaker - Friend
[email protected]

“To Be Happy is to Think Positively, Confidently and Optimistically.”

Are you ready to learn to think positively and change your life? Send me a message and start your positivity journey!